Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Final Bioshock Texture Project

When I first drew the draft, I knew that I adored the "little sisters" of the game, wanted to portray them, and that the setting of Bioshock was under the sea. However, I wanted to focus on the glamour that was previously associated with the city of Rapture, where the world's elite sought refuge to be free of the constraints of society and advance in their own mannerisms. The development of "gene splicing" technology that gave superpowers to the citizens of Rapture actually turned out to have a drug-like effect, and almost immediately the society inescapably deteriorate.

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Intention (Purpose)

My intention is to highlight both concepts of texture and collage (or at least using mixed media) through previous concepts of form and shape. I am aiming for a texture through colors, collage, and paper. The piece should imply an infectious, dystopic deterioration that is underlying a glamorous context.

Definition (Elements)/ Exploration (Concepts/Relations)

Liquid plasma- I used nail polish.

Collage- pictures and pieces from Rapture- flyers on EVE (one of the two drugs needed), and medical centers.

...and then paint. I bought metallic and silver markers because the nail polish ended up bleeding through the paper. The only one that did not, was my red polish, which I used to color the ADAM syringe and the little sister's bow.



liquid plasma- part of the game, kind of like stuff you need in order to survive with superpowers

I hadn't anticipated on doing the ADAM syringe, but I did.


I first drew in charcoal to get my sketch. Then I inked over it, scanned it into Photoshop, cleaned up the sketch in Photoshop by outlining and erasing any errant pencil/ink marks. I then printed out the newly cleaned sketch and dipped them in coffee overnight. Then I let it dry before I crumpled it to give it texture. I still thought it was a bit plain, so I ended up cutting out the city

layer on the goodies

Goalgetting (Criteria)

I was thinking of doing a digital piece in Photoshop, but in order to successfully do that I would probably need some 25+ hours. I just think it wasn't going to be feasible given such a short time frame.

Knowing (Implication)

I thought the white paper was a little plain so I just dipped the piece in coffee and wrinkled it. It was an attempt to capture deterioration of a beautiful society.

Reaction Response

I really enjoyed this one, though it was a challenge because I was trying to limit my colors.

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