Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Immersion/Illusion, 3D Frontiers, and Hyperformalism


The snippet about Oliver Grau was really something of an introduction to the next two articles, in my opinion, because the paragraph introduces the idea of an illusion in order to create an immersive environment, or an immersive environment that is actually just an illusion.

In the second article concerning 3D art, I was actually struck by Bryn Oh’s concept of immersiva, or creating an environment where the viewer will temporarily lost sense of reality or their surroundings for some amount of time. But before that I was pleasantly surprised that my teacher was interviewing Bryn Oh, so I’m a little envious!

What I took away from DanCoyote was that he spear-headed hyperformalism , which describes “aesthetic self-expression without anthropomorphic, or representative context.” He describes his earliest work as the conflict between modernism and post-modernism, and I can definitely see that in his work, though I definitely don’t quite elucidate a clear message from his work. Thus, I’m actually not surprised that the third essay was from his blog on hyperformalism- it was well-written and a bit verbose, but did make a little clearer what he was going for. I’m not sure if I’m the biggest fan of hyperformalism because I like to be able to elucidate meanings from each piece, and if I can’t figure it out usually the artist can describe what’s going on I think the message wasn’t clear enough in the piece. A good example of art that I would have not understood is Cai Guo Qiang’s, but his explanation nearly brought tears to my eyes….his use of almost poetic Chinese does the English translation no justice. That was simply touching…and you know, you understand what he’s trying to convey.

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