Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brooklyn Bridge Deconstruction and Carthasis

I ended up doing a 3D model of the bridge, deconstructed. In order to illustrate movement, I thought the wires would be a good idea to flow with "parts" of the bridge. I created the famous arcs in the bridge and cut them out into severl parts, which were whimsically held up by the wires. The lightbulbs were there too as support, as the bridge is famous for its evening lights.

Inside, there were small blue stones that served both weight and aesthetic purposes, and the cotton was used to denote the fog that sometimes appear at the base of the bridge.

I also added some Duralar clouds, birds, and fish to give a better sense of space, as the parts of the bridge were in the sky. I think what it did was to ultimately give the piece it's relaxed weather and whimsical feels; to really give the piece a sense of space, I had to finagle with the thicker wires to hold up the shapes. I originally wanted to do something like Drake's Sprite commercial but I had some wiring technical difficulties and went ahead with movement in space.

There was a lot of hot glue, cardboard cuts, and intense wire finagling, but this was an enjoyable project!!

Unfortunately I don't have a good camera at the moment (what you see now are pictures/videos from my camera...I had to lower the blinds or else the picture would have glared in light), but I will try to borrow someone else's for better pictures asap!

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