Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fred Tomaselli Reaction

For me, artists have always been a special breed and Fred Tomaselli exemplifies that; his definitions and ideals are of his own, unique, but perfectly logical. It's actually quite interesting how he states that the more he got into art, the less he followed theory and its conventions. I always thought art had to follow its own theory, but art is always age, box, and thought-defying. Though Tomaselli may be a bit of a "bad boy" (like fashion designer McQueen or chef Voltaggio) in the sense that they do not follow conventions like most other in the industry do.

I actually really appreciated Fred; his diction and writing is gorgeous, and as a former biology major, I fully appreciate how he deconstructs and recreates the art, biologically. Just like cells, I can see the elements working in concerto to form the fully functional, organic drawing.

Fred, I wouldn't label you as a psychedelic artist. That adjective is reserved for split personalities and schizos for me.

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