Monday, September 12, 2011

Form + Line

After a lot of research, the location I chose centered on the Shinjuku Bunka Quint Building, which is the headquarters of my dream company, Square Enix. It is located in the busy district of Shinjuku, Yoyogi, Japan.

I traced the building first and then inked it on the board. The picture above shows some stubborn smudges of charcoal that will be fixed by next week.

I drew a combination of lines and will proceed to finish the Duralar layers in the upcoming days.

Eventually, I hope to work there :)

I actually changed the bottom layer to have lines without further ado...

Since I was allowed one color, I naturally chose red because it is representative of Japan. The red circle in the middle is actually the red sun of Japan's place. If you look at the top right, they are actually buildings I tried to make 3D, and in the middle there is bent line I tried to also give a 3D effect. I varied the use of length and size of lines, directions, and placement of such lines to complement each other.


  1. Hey Cindy,
    I was going to let you know that I went ahead and bought some Dura-lar.

  2. lol I did too!
    I'm splitting mine with 2 other ppl now so it's about 6 bucks.

    thanks for letting me know though!