Monday, August 29, 2011

Augmented Reality Prototype

Something I always thought visually pleasing was watching wisps of smoke in slow motion, fading out and just as easily flitting back into view. It was elegant, graceful, and inspiring.

Smoke is evanescent. Short-lived, just a brief touch on the senses before it disappears.

Because of the ethereal nature of smoke, there is always great care to show positive and negative forms in order to even see the smoke in motion.

We chose this theme of smoke and wispy-ness; we wanted to be able to capture the dark and chaotic movements of air molecules as it dissipates and moves through the air.

My base consisted of two different elements. The first sets the tone and atmosphere of the piece. Note the heavy greys and only slight use of whites and lighter greys. There are wisps of smoke billowing in all direction, very much like being thrust into the very heart of a fire.

The second overlay I did on top was actual smoke (gestures), but these were done in an inky black and adds the dimension of grace and beauty I wanted to capture, after I had set the stormy tone and mood.

Together, in concerto.

Update 9.2.11:

Since my background was too dark, I ended up losing the wisps of smoke. Thus, I ended up lightening it a bit so the entire composition wouldn't be lost.

When everything came together...voila!

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